Songs for Jammin’ Sessions -1

These list of songs could be performed for jammin' sessions at house parties.


How to be a Bawse – Introductory Review 1

The article is an introductory book review of Lilly Singh's How to be a bawse. She goes by the screen name of iisuperwomanii on Youtube.

Of Lip balms and heavens – have you tried these?

 Labello is by far the best lip balm I have had in life. They are available on Amazon and E-bay. I used them in the 1990s. It is soothing and doesn't make your lips feel rubbery like how Vaseline does.  Labello is long-stay, moisturises your lips like butter, and smells great. It is tasty and flavours... Continue Reading →

Need a tip to be happy?

This article discusses about negative and positive emotions and how to combat them slowly and surely with a small exercise.

Why me? Answer yourself

The article discusses about self-help and emotions.

Who are you? Please help me know YOU!

I have about 114 followers who read my blog. But I do not know any of you. I would like to know you better and write articles that you could relate to in your day-to-day life. Honestly, no one has much time to spare for things these days unless they are meaningful to one's life... Continue Reading →

Gaps in Community Health in India

This post appeals to bridge the gap between the people and public health workers in rural and urban communities. There is a huge prevalence of neurological and mental illnesses in rural communities and urban slums and a lack of awareness & sensitization programmes on the same in our country.

Bibliosapien Encyclopaedia – 1

An all encompassing guide to classifying yourself into a type of Bibliosapien ! Are you a pure -breed or a Hybrid?

Psychology of Positivity

                                                                   I know life is tough I know people are mean to you They just do not get the point They are just... Continue Reading →

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