Love has to have an expression for it to grow, be it subtle or overt.  There are a few ways in which you could gift your special girl on your love or wedding anniversary.

Something old

How about the age old of making an anniversary card from scratch? Have a painting or a beautiful sketch done for her or what could better express your love than classic poetry? You just need some stationery, check out a few tutorials to get going. Instead of buying off stores, make that special something for her .Sign, seal and deliver it with a kiss. 

Something new

Teach her something new .Girls would really appreciate it if you could teach her a new skill. It could be a sport or driving a car or as simple as how to use a gadget.  Making her feel independent and in control of things would exhilarate her.

Something borrowed

Find out what her interests are and gift her tools to motivate her.  These simple gestures could push a person to aspire more. Get her an instrument to play or a work- out outfit for her dance class or baking accessories. This simply shows how you have taken that extra effort to understand the subtle details about her. Let her borrow your support to make her better.

Something blue

Be creative and imaginative and transform a normal experience into something memorable and colorful. Couples watch movies, fine dine and what not, but add a dash of color to these ideas by tailoring them exclusively for her and customize these experiences for her. Plan a day out for her and make it exclusively for her like a candle light dinner, a soft trek to the mountains, or a stroll at the beach. It could also be snorkeling or Para-gliding. Making this event exclusive by adding that oomph factor is your skill.

A six-pence in her shoe

Leaving tiny surprises for her are things she would adore.  It could be small chores done for her like giving the dog a wash, cooking her breakfast, making the bed or leaving chocolates in her dressing drawers or as simple as fixing that bulb in the living room.  Small treats add to your kitty and makes her more appreciative of you.  These small favors actually communicate a lot about your care and concern for her.

A relationship grows by giving each other the platform and space to grow and improvise each other. It becomes healthy when you nurture each others’ talents and help make each other a better person.