It isn’t necessary to present the worst scenario of India in news , media , websites , advertisements , blogs , books , articles everyday because we see it everywhere . Why are they trying to sensitize us ,what we have so aptly learnt to neglect ?What other countries see as “phenomena” are seen as “usual” in India .

Its high time we prioritize the social issues around us.

More so , imagine ,you need to intervene on a child which is mentally and physically challenged residing in a slum , where would you start ?

Religion ,Culture , tradition , beliefs , value systems , superstitions , nature of the family , income, illiteracy ,unemployment , nature of relationship subsisting between family members, the mental health of the care givers ( Parents , guardians ,the immediate family members) , their attitude towards social issues , their motivation level , the community in which they live , infrastructure of the house ,the socioeconomic status of the family and the slum , community resources (special schools , primary health care centers , community doctors , banks , hospitals) ,Government policies like (BPL cards , pensions ) ,adequate health care professionals to cater to other aspects of mental & physical health etc ., -all these form a web which makes holistic development difficult for an individual leave alone a community (slum). Intervention on all aspects is a challenge for mental health professionals like social workers without the help of experts from other fields .

A joint venture is the ultimate need of the day.

How can you contribute to disentangle the web?