What is it I see , Humanity?

How is it I see? With concrete forts , defining insecure power , intimidating the vision ,

Teaching you to look up and get awed by the pseudo – success , defined in non – logic terms!

Worship and reverence being paid to the ‘acknowledged’ , not as “guardians of a few souls”

But ironically made as the butchers, bound by territories,as “guardians of ridges and folds”

They are taught not to think or form the intent behind their deeds, not see the world as ‘one piece’

Prioritize humans through “prejudice constructed Imageries”,destruct the rest for peace

To bury the familial love ,to desert the gratitude of those who have helped them survive

And blind their vision , to save the unknown , a nation’s pride is for them to revive

Why do a few shatter to pieces, in importance ,against the unknown billions?

Though they are the ones recalled, when an ultimatum is pronounced for the Guardians..

They may be the ‘Gods of Courage’ with a human presence , on the ground , in the waters , or air

But lets take a second to see what toys of clay , we ‘ve made of them , their dead souls on a lair…

Is it sane to create hazardous weapons of metals , many may ask !

Is it humane to create animated weapons of MEN ? I ask!

How do I take pride in one nation’s rise , when the Saviours fall with the “foes” ?

In what glee should I rave , when I live at the expense of others’ lives? a question I pose!

I see them all wearing the crowns of thorns of duty on their heads,for the sins we reap,

They carry the weapons , like the “cross” on their back and march on to wipe out the “enemies”

Boundaries and territories govern and restrict their freedom , like their thoughts been crucified,

They endure the pain and suffering , hoping to leave a trail of hope for our safety , as they die !

They never ressurect , them “Gods of Courage” , they never ressurect , them ” Dead souls of Saviours”

Cos’ we would never accept the truth of our cunning acts , and make them legends and myths forever!

What is it I see ,humanity ?

Survival of the fittest , rules the world again

Of human race , This is how I see!

I am a part of it , but with shame I shall I Remain!