Hip hop is a very misunderstood concept among Indians. Indian Tamizh Hip-hop is seen as music being imitated from the west. Hip-hop in the west is a culture that includes DJing, Graffiti, Rapping and Break-dancing. All these various art forms were brought to the forefront as various mediums by an oppressed section of society to voice out their plight, demanding social change for their upliftment. In short, it was a social revolution.

Tamil Nadu is rich with culture, traditions, and for the practice of various art forms in the field of music, dance and drama.For instance, a dance form called Thappaattam is followed by Dalits in Tamil Nadu, through ages, to express the issues they face and for their social upliftment. Similarly, a lot of dance forms like Karagattam, Puliattam, Silambattam and more have been prevalent especially in rural Tamil Nadu.

Theru koothu also known as a street play which involves a play combined with music and dance, and a story is narrated. Villupattu is a musical performance where a group of singers use distinct instruments and sing songs and narrate stories.

A lot of these reflected social consciousness and issues, but they were mainly seen from an aesthetic point of view and entertainment.There was not a massive revolution using these various elements in Tamil Nadu.They were just various art forms depicting the lives the people in Tamil Nadu. They had a very good socially conscious content in them. 

These various art forms in Tamil Nadu are equivalent to the art forms present in Hip-hop in the West. And Indian Tamizh Hip hop is merely incorporating both the types of art forms into a single space and projecting it to the people.

The vintage Hip-hop elements have been used to project Tamizh culture and bring it to the forefront, now as a social and music revolution in India. Indian Tamizh Hip-hop also strives to revive these ancient rural art forms of Tamil Nadu, by trying to intersperse them with vintage Hip-hop.Hip-hop culture has been found to be a very effective medium as a musically-inclined-social-revolution for change.

Such an endeavour is the need of an hour, as these various art forms are diminishing in importance.