I think.
I think I have shed down all my ego,
I think I have surrendered to you to show me the way,
I think I have loved and lost and can love no more,
Yet He shows me something more,
A mockery of my convictions,
Presents me with the opposites,
Forces me to concede,
Provides me with confusions,
That emerge from the conviction,
That may be it isn’t what it seems to be,
It is just an illusion.
What is so right becomes wrong,
What sounds wrong seems to be the right thing to  do,
Due to a predestined story written for me,
To enact with mechanical tears!
I give myself unto HIM,
I make myself a medium,
Ask HIM  to manifest through me,
Since I am not sure if I am being guided by HIM.
Is  my ego taking control?
I am unsure,
A faint virtue emerges like the hidden star,
Glaring at you once you find it,
It tells you,
You are alone unless you are walking with God.
Give unconditionally, accept what comes,
Question not the game,
For you don’t know what it is,
Accept your flaws,
But choose to adopt the highest virtue..
You may not now it until you see inward,
You may not see until you are ready to see,
You may not be ready until you are strong,
You would not be stronger until you embrace HIM.
The virtue is ruthless and raw,
I  think it destroys the ego,
I think it makes you surrender to HIM,
I think you could love again but cannot lose,
Cos’  you cannot lose something you do not possess!