This post is a quick hack for first time resume-builders, freshers, and people who do not know what the hell is wrong with their job profile and why they are unable to snag jobs.

Consider my quick tips when you are building your professional profile and creating your own personal brand that is amaze-balls.

Let’s start with basics:

Resume/CV/ Cover Letter

  1. A resume is just a professional summary. It cannot be more than a page or two
  2. A Curriculum Vitae is more comprehensive and could be about 4 to 6 pages
  3. Always send your resume to the employers and ask them if they would be interested in your CV as well
  4.  A cover letter addressed to hiring authorities is a must. This could include a brief summary of your career and how you plan to carve your career pathway for the next few years and how fetching a job at a particular organization or in an industry would contribute to that. Sending a resume with out a cover letter is not proper etiquette.
  5. The above mentioned documents have to be constantly updated and proofread whether are not you are employed.
  6.  They have to be grammatically correct; have the key words necessary for that particular profession; the significant information has to be presented in way that first catches a reader’s eye; the information should be result-oriented with action words.
  7.  Always mention references or let them know that references could be provided upon request
  8.  Do not copy other resumes. Instead add your own flavor to yours. Look at sample resumes from experts in the filed and understand the various styles you can use to describe a lot in just a few words. You can use info-graphics; charts; tables, icons; pictures to represent more and make it look visual and interesting. You could also play with fonts and colors.
  9. Include links to your e-mail, portfolio, Linkedin and other relevant websites. Be available to these employers on phone or e-mail. (you have web-link shrinking options). It would be easier to share your Google drive link to a folder that has physical files that cannot be uploaded to any website.You should be promptly checking for communication from them.


Linkedin is an amazing platform to find jobs and network with the right people. For that, you should have a robust Linkedin profile.  It has already categorised the fields and designed your profile template in a way that users would want to go through your entire profile. Why not dig this gold mine?

LinkedIn has its profile strength meter that will gauge as to how strong your profile is and what are the fields you need to fill to have a powerful profile. Enrol in groups and read up on the latest trends in your industry.  Network with the right people and keep relations professional.

Add a lot of certifications, projects, publications and awards. Do not leave out the Interests section – it gives a gist of how enterprising/talented you are. A lot of people are now dual-professionals, serial entrepreneurs and what not.  Resourceful employees who can hold fort the company is in crisis are the ones hunted the most.


A portfolio to display your projects and skills is a must these days. It helps employers screen faster and singles you out from the thousands of profiles who apply as well.

For techies we have Github; Behance is a platform to showcase creative work; writers use contently or; you could create your own personal website for free with Wix and creatively showcase your skills as well.

Work Culture

Are you quite skilled in working with a face paced company?

Are you able to work in a company that is highly hierarchical?

Can you manage stress and work overload?

Are you able to deal with company politics and accommodate people of varying lifestyles?

Are you able to manage your work relations with tact and discretion?

How quickly are you able to grasp the work and the general culture of the company and adapt to it is something that employers would definitely want to gauge.  Usually, offbeat and arduous interview processes are used to find out about you.

Read up on how to present yourself during the interviews and how to answer interview questions. You could even find a way to display your professional ethics without being asked by using creative strategies in the way you build your portfolio.

Finally, enrol in a few professional forums and clubs and constantly update yourself with the latest trends in the industry.  Apps like Feedly could be used on your phones or as Browser extensions; these apps bring news to your table by seizing RSS feeds of other websites like a boss. Efficiency is very crucial for this general to keep up with the rat race. Many organisations are investing time to innovate or match their product/ services standards to the latest trends. You need to show them that you are aware of all the just-in-trend topics.

Imagine you have one minute to present yourself to your prospective employer, how would you create an all-inclusive profile that would have you cut apart from the rest?

Keep this in mind  when you build your profile!