I have about 114 followers who read my blog. But I do not know any of you. I would like to know you better and write articles that you could relate to in your day-to-day life. Honestly, no one has much time to spare for things these days unless they are meaningful to one’s life success

I have a google form- a psychology questionnaire that I would like you all to fill and give me your contacts so I can connect with you personally and understand more about you.

This exercise is just an attempt for me to really reach out to you and know you better.

If you still do not understand what I do, here is a just of what I plan to do.

Use Psychology for positivity, encouragement and use a decade of study on Psychology to actually help people in a manner that is private, secure and safe. By writing articles on on self-awareness and improvement, self-help, diagnosing problems early and solving them, helping people equip trauma, adversaries and problems better.

Please leave your comments with your email-id so I can help you better, or help you solve problems.


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