220058-1319915413-0.jpg Labello is by far the best lip balm I have had in life. They are available on Amazon and E-bay. I used them in the 1990s.

It is soothing and doesn’t make your lips feel rubbery like how Vaseline does.  Labello is long-stay, moisturises your lips like butter, and smells great. It is tasty and flavours like cherry and strawberry (favourite!) give out a beautiful lip-tint. I have also tried cherry, the natural milk-&-honey, soft rose, velvet rose, pearl-&-shine, watermelon and peach. The brand is pricey but a better deal when compared to a deluxe edition of Maybelline’s Baby Lips.


Once my Labello days were over I bought Nivea because the packaging was the same. I recently discovered that both are sold by the same German company.  I loved Nivea for the fact that being sold in India, it did not feel like petroleum jelly in its raw form.

But I would kill to have Labello any day because it is not yet popular in India and will make me feel exclusive. *wink*


I should admit, Maybelline’s Baby Lips commercials are awesome.  I have tried cherry kiss and berry sherbet. The lip balm is moisturising, gives you a nice tint but is not long-stay or a healer.You apply the lip tint and it feels like heaven!  But, it doesn’t settle well on the lips. It starts forming a layer later. Labello is comparatively smoother to Maybelline.  It feels more like a lip tint/ gloss, that is heavy on your lips and little lighter than a lipstick.


Burt’s Bees is a saviour for chapped lips. It will stop lip-pickers! No, seriously! Remember how you have bloody lips with cuts that look like war wounds? Well, worry no more! There are minty and cherry flavours that feel creamy/ buttery on your lips. There are lip tints available in attractive colours. They are not harsh on your lips and have a certain element of lip-softening super-power as well!


Blistex is a medicated lip balm that heals your lips in a jiffy. I have tried the colourless ones. It is available on Amazon and is not pricey. You feel confident after trying these, especially in summers.




Victoria Secret’s Beauty Crush seriously won my heart. It was love at first dab. It was minty, smooth, soft and healed my lips a few seconds after the application.  I was so addicted to it that God had to put a stop to it. The owners have stopped manufacturing these. I think they have stopped producing these.  Pusher love with a tragic end!



I have tried a couple of these lip gloss varieties: cherry bomb, strawberry fizz, grapefruit blast, sugar high, juicy berry, slice of heaven and red delicious. They are scented and have amazing flavours. You feel good about yourself after trying these out. They are the sticky and the long-stay sorts but ironically you may lick them all up as they taste so freaking delicious — use them before a kiss!


IMG_20170331_211503_912.jpgThese belong to my current collection:

  • Lakme vanilla feels like sand paper
  • Clinique lip gloss feels light, sticky and it is long-stay
  • Pacifica lip tint makes your lip pop and has some healing quality too
  • Burt’s Bees lip balms and tints feel like honey
  • Mentha lip gloss is just mint and nothing more
  • Sephora sparkling lip gloss is sticky and adds a nice shine